Tuesday, 1 July 2014


We are HOME!

One second place (sprint), one fourth place (only just) in the pursuit...8 laps...when my event only lasts two.....and a silver medal in the 500 metre time trial ...to a World Champion sprinter four years younger....in the British Masters National Track Championships, held at the Welsh National Velodrome in Newport.

Much to work on for the European Championships in Alkmaar at the beginning of September and the World Championships in Manchester a month later.

We stayed with The Carpenter and The Oily One, then had a lovely time with daughter and family, sort of on the way home, with the grandsprogs having just had their fourth birthday.

Now we have arrived back at our wee But an' Ben, and The Pirate is sorting through his wardrobe to see what gets the boot....as you do after a nine hour journey...including stops.....and a bottle of good red wine in the garden!!!

His radiotherapy has finished and he is looking healthy in himself...if tired out by the process and the three hours commuting five days a week for 37 treatments.

Pictures to follow.....


Julia said...

Now that is good news, may his journey to full fitness continue :)
And good for you! I haven't been on a bike for two decades but plan to cycle in France next week!

Andrea Ingram said...

Glad you are home safely and well done with the results - Been looking for them all over the place. Been calling too.......

Michèle Hastings said...

congratulations! sounds like a perfect time