Thursday, 8 February 2018

intentions in chilly weather

Blogging about things reassures me that I have actually achieved...and is a spur to carry on!

We are walking or cycling most days..if it is really bad we're on the indoor trainers. Our local woodland/nature reserve takes an hour to walk around the longest walk,from home. It is very pleasing to see how well used it is by all sorts of people.
Taking an hour out and arriving home at dusk, we see many small birds and occasionally deer-especially when the dog walkers are not there!

Yesterday we saw the swan again in the pond..looking a bit lonely..I wonder who arrives first, he or she?

It is good that the village now has a breathing space, but sad that it has little employment actually in the village now that the reason for its very existence, coalmining, has gone.


Barbara Rogers said...

The areas where industry have disappeared at least do have an ecological upturn, while the economy has a definite downturn. Glad you have the swan and deer and birds to enjoy!

kjsutcliffe artist said...

I agree, if it were not for blogging - certain things would have faded into insignificance.
It also helps me to keep plugging at it :D

Joanne Noragon said...

Your days are full, and that is good. I hope your swan has a mate soon.