Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Baking day

The bread is getting better. As the starter gets older, it is improving every bake, and I can use less white and more wholemeal flour-and not end up with a 'brick'. All I do is keep back about 250 to 350 grammes of dough put it in a floured plastic lidded tub. Each time I make a new batch of dough, this gets added in before the first kneading. It is nothing new, it is similar to sourdough baking and apparently there are starters out there over 200 years old- well mature!
So far today I have made a hazelnut savoury, a Victoria sponge with my blueberry jam, sultana, cranberry and almond tea cake and a nice solid parkin for mountain walks.

It has been a fine but breezy day. Mountain Man has been on the mountain, checking the ponies that are up there. One he found and she is fine. Others he saw and they saw him coming-and went!
So they look well enough. If they wanted him they would soon be at the mountain gate waiting for him.

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