Saturday, 4 April 2009


A couple of weeks or so ago The Oily one had about £500 worth of tools stolen. Life can teach hard lessons sometimes.
One is reminded of the poem...
It raineth upon the just and upon the unjust..
But it raineth more upon the just
as the unjust hath stolen the just's umbrella.....

Everyone locks doors all the time now. Yes, there have always been thieves. Now there is no trust.

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soubriquet said...

As you can see, I'm going into the archives....

Stolen tools. It makes me angry. It's happened to me, I went to do a late night emergency call, for a friend whose boiler was making scary noises, cold winter night and a newborn babe in the house.
"Where's your dog?" they asked. "Out in the landrover" "Oh, poor thing, on a night like this... bring him in..."
So I did. Dill the Dog got to sleep in front of the fire as I worked. but I needed a different tool, went out, the door of the Landrover had been pried open, and a couple of thousand pounds worth of tools spirited away. Normally there'd be a mat over all the toolboxes, and a big dog asleep on top.
The police were no help whatsoever. And the insurance company wanted to replace quality professional tools with d.i.y. junk.
So I know how oily one will have felt. And it's not always the expensive tools you miss most, sometimes it's the oddity that you filed and welded and machined and bent to do a particular task.
Or the old spanner your grandfather gave you when you were ten.