Saturday, 6 June 2009


The weather really has turned!
We had damp air then a nice fine wet rain from yesterday lunchtime.

Last night at 7.45 pm there was an earthquake near Maesteg (3 on the Richter scale).

Now we have a thunderstorm and torrential rain, after a morning of steady rainshowers.

So today has been a baking day so far, bread and birthday cake-chocolate of course!

The youngest of my four, The Carpenter is 20 years old today...



Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy Birthday The Carpenter! Sorry I missed it :/ Mmm, chocolate the best kinda birthday cake! Wow, no more teenagers - that was a big day for you! Everything okay after the earthquake?

gz said...

We hardly felt it! We are built on solid ground though- in Port Talbot they would have felt it much more, being on sand/alluvial deposits

gz said...

My daughter had a chocolate wedding cake!!!!(made by her partner- even better!)