Saturday, 14 September 2013

carrying on

The Pirate had his test results...serious but not so serious.  Now we wait for the next tests to pinpoint the size and location of the problem in a couple of weeks then a conference to decide treatment.

And he says not to worry, that is his job!! He is the one that quotes " sharing is caring, caring is sharing"

His instructions have been to race and train as we've been to the velodrome in Glasgow yesterday. We're training for the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists' track championships..good practice for the World Masters' Track Championships , 5-12 October in Manchester.

Carry on carrying on it is then, carry on loving him to bits.

The weather is definitely Autumnal, so today is the review of all the outdoor and greenhouse plants, to see who comes indoors.

Tomorrow's weather is forecast rain and gales...of course, this is the day that the Tour of Britain cycle race opens with a stage from Peebles to Drumlanrigg Castle......

On a warmer note, Graham Obree has just set the speed record on a recumbent bike somewhere hot in the USA....56.62 mph...hats off to the man!!


smartcat said...

Toes crossed that all is well.

Andrea Ingram said...

Would expect nothing less from The Pirate! XX

Joanne Noragon said...

It's scarcely hot in the USA this weekend; more like your rain and gales. I see several recumbent bikes on my roads, although they may have been retired for the season.

petoskystone said...

Best of luck, Pirate!

Hawthorn said...

Hope all goes well xx