Thursday, 17 October 2013

After the ball...

I managed fourth place in the sprint...not bad for one year back racing after thirtyfive off at this level!!
We had a good, mostly dry drive home on the Saturday night, and stayed over with friends in Dumfries..three hour's driving was enough, even with stops.
On the Sunday we had a beautiful hour's drive home, seeing the stretch of road in daylight for a change!!

Then it was to work with a vengeance...airing the house, three lots of washing then and two more the next day!
Back mowing grass again-when will it stop for the Winter?!

We went to the hospital for The Pirate to get his verdict....Bone Scan result fine, a scrip for medicine and injections for two or three months, then the joys of going to Glasgow five days a week for a couple of months.... so all being well, in six to eight months he should be starting to rebuild towards competing again....oh, and an op to improve his 'plumbing'......

The Pirate has never had a stay in hospital, ever, let alone a general anaesthetic.    Lucky man.

Today we went out for a ride to see a cottage we're doing maintenance on, for others.  It was a beautiful day, the colours of the hills brought up by the grey clouds, the road a silver ribbon in the sun. The last five miles are a steady climb, giving us a good start to foundation training for next year's racing.

We had the choice of driving up to Glasgow for a session  on the velodrome, but apart from saving £50 of all the costs of the day out, we chose a ride in the sun and fresh air.
The weather has turned here, wet and windy with sunny periods so far. I can't say that we are looking forward to ice and snow...the log pile is growing just in case, and we're busy foraging from the hedgerows.


Relatively Retiring said...

My very best wishes to both of you.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Congratulations; placing fourth is quite an accomplishment.

yeractual said...

Things sound good, all on the up. After Sweden, and as a Scot, I can confirm, they don't know what snow is up there. So don't worry! It's a bumper year for berries etc/autumnul fruits. We've loads of sloes for gin, what else!, and blackberies. Also been good for mushrooms and we've been havesting these from neighbouring fields for over a month now on a daily basis! Take care. Best.