Monday, 21 April 2014

keeping on keeping on...

 The blackthorn blossom here (and the cherry blossom) is the best for years.    Not that I'm "counting chickens...." but I'm hoping for a good harvest!!

I'm getting out a bit on the bike now, exploring some smaller roads...this is looking back over the Girvan Valley
 The "Black Cock"....I assume this could have been a stopping place for travellers, as an old drovers road crosses the lane here

 A Hawk Moth ?
 We planted flowers on Rocky the Patterdale's grave.   Nearly seven years gone now, but we remember the "Urban Terrorist" well and fondly.

 I used to call these Wooden Enemies when I was four years old!

All preparations done, The Pirate starts his radiation therapy soon...we seem to be just ticking over now, but it is hard to get work done.  

 There is so much to training, trying to de-clutter further to make the place calmer to live in, still hoping to find a workshop and getting a space to do some more lino-cut printing. 
Technology still defeats me....I've just bought a hard drive to back up images and writing....but it wont talk to the computer.  
Hopefully a friend will sort that and the printer problems this afternoon.  But don't hold your breath!!

I'm still jobhunting, but possibly the best I can do is carry on the Pirate's gardening and hope to pick up another customer locally.   At least I wouldn't be shut up in an office or shop!!


Kerry O'Gorman said...

Lovely photo of the Pirate...on to the next adventure and all! Who was this "Urban Terroist" ?

Zhoen said...

I like wood enemy.

Here's to saying out of tiny shops and dim offices. I'm inside at work, but not tied to a desk.

smartcat said...


English Rider said...

Lovely photos. I especially like the tree, bowed by the wind. It speaks volumes.

Hawthorn said...

I found gardening a release - like you say, not having to be shut inside is a definite positive, and you get to meet some really nice folk. I used to get most of my work word of mouth from those I worked for - here's hoping to a good growing summer :)

Jenny Woolf said...

Wooden enemies. I love it!