Monday, 26 May 2014

May carries on....

 We have a new front door and panel, to replace the rotten, woodwormed frame and (internal) door you can see behind me in our little garden.
 A week ago the Three Village(Straiton, Crosshill and Kirkmichael) Garden Club had a Grand Day Out to the Mull of Galloway where we went round the gardens of Logan Court, which was previously the stable block and accommodation for grooms etc, and the gardens of Logan House itself.

 with afternoon tea!!

 and plants familiar from New Zealand...

 Yesterday we both had A Day Off...and visited Hannah Mcandrew in Barm Pottery.
All congratulations to her and Doug Fitch on their engagement!!
She was open as part of the 12th Dumfries and Galloway Spring Fling.

I'd ridden my bike part of the way down, and approaching Rhonehouse we could see towards home..good thing I'd not thought to ride home!
We visited other studios and galleries on the way home, a photographer, a willow weaver in an arts centre and a clog and shoemaker. We ordered my birthday present at one of them.....!!

Back to normal today, despite it being a public holiday....rain, house tidying, gardening, and The Pirate going off for his treatment...luckily with the charity volunteer transport now.
He is going on fine, getting the usual side effects quickly as he started healthy and fit....he can't understand how he has gained over 5kg...and the only gain is round his middle, everywhere else is losing bulk.
 At the end of this week he'll be just over halfway. Then there will be just eighteen more treatment trips to The Beatson in Glasgow.

I just have to keep on keeping on, being patient with the patient!   It can sometimes be difficult to maintain the enthusiasm for doing other things, especially when nothing works straightforwardly or easily.
No workshop, no space in our home to do much, realizing that I need a better printer and laptop computer to produce cards of a professional standard.   I have my own aches and pains too, sometimes the Pirate needs reminding that he isn't the only one getting older!!   Training for the bike helps, but I'm afraid I can't concentrate on that well enough either. At least my doing that is doing us both good, me physically and both of us mentally.

Grouch I'm off to make soup while he rests after today's three hour's travelling and under ten minutes treatment.


smartcat said...

A good door makes all the difference to a house.
a garden and tea is a wonderful way to spend a day., with nice weather too!
Having been there, I can say that illness can be just as hard on the caregiver as the one who is ill. I'm glad that you are getting help with the driving. Hope you have others who can give a helping hand now and then.
Take care of yourself too!

Cro Magnon said...

It all looks very beautiful, and that Gunnera is amazing.

Andrea Ingram said...

Tell the Pirate to keep on keeping on - with love

Michèle Hastings said...

despite being worn out, it looks like you had a wonderful day out.

Hawthorn said...

We've caught the spring fling twice now, loving each time, think this year we will have to miss it :( due to work and study constraints - enjoy it for me please x positive thoughts for both of you.

Sandy miller said...

What a great post! Love the gardens and the front door! Sure is pretty in your world :)
Be well and make sure the care take is taken care of :)

d2eclaylady said...

I was just thinking of you today and came up from the studio to your post. Pirate is lucky to have you by his side! Sounds like you had a lovely tour of gardens and studios which go together like jelly and peanut butter;) Take care of yourself ... Brenda

Jenny Woolf said...

Riding the bike has to be good, lifts the spirits too (so long as the weather is not as threatening as your pic!. Hope you can soon get the computer and laptop, being creative always helps, specially when you can make money from it too.

yeractual said...

I'm with Andrea on this one: keep the ole Pirate going, as I'm sure you are and will anyway. All looking good over there in Ayrshire. Hope the weather is with you and you have time for your own garden projects this summer. Take care both.

Peter said...

I love the new front door and surrounding. I also enjoyed seeing the photo of the little round turret at Logan Court, it would be fun to add one of those onto a garden shed! It is nice to see NZ plants doing so well way up in the North!