Thursday, 5 June 2014

printing in progress

 I'm busy building up a stock of cards for the Gala Day in Barr this Saturday, while the builders hammer above...hopefully the leaky roof will be fixed..unfortunately it looks as if the roof has no felt!
All sorts of pots and seats have to be moved to erect the scaffolding, and we found this handsome beast.
We curse slugs when they devour our seedlings....but they are just clearing out the garden rubbish, and the weakling plants. It  would be a mess without them.


Peter said...

I'd never really thought about slugs in a nice way before, probably due to the fear of meeting them in the deep folds of a cabbage whilst eating lunch!! It is quite a thought that they are doing good cleaning up garden rubbish. Your slug looks like a lizard or short snake with all those stripes.., most impressive! The slugs around here are mostly rather small, grey all over, or a putty colour.

The cards are a good idea, and look lovely. I'm in the process of doing some for here.

smartcat said...