Monday, 1 June 2015

going to the races!

 Yarn bombed bikes!!  Done as part of the welcome to Motherwell for the day of circuit racing around a 1.2 km course around the centre of the town.

 The racing started at 1pm with childrens' races and worked up to the climaxes of the day, the Womens and Mens' Elite races.
 Our friend Eileen Roe who rides for the Wiggle-Honda womens' team was just back from an elite stage race in China and managed third place..she is wearing the colours of the British National Champion as she won the circuit championship last year.  On the right of the three is her justifiably proud dad.
 getting ready for the mens' race...
 but none of those featured....Chris Opie from Cornwall came second..and here he is at one of the most dangerous parts of the race..the podium steps! Chris was one of the riders my father coached in the 90s.
It was a hard and fast race, luckily in dry weather but with a cold strong wind.
A long drive for me..but worth it to see friends.

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Cro Magnon said...

The first two pictures brought back wonderful memories of when I was small. At our annual village show there was a category for children to decorate their bikes. I always entered my bike (as well as longest beans and weirdest carrot) and I even won once too.