Friday, 23 October 2015

feeling a bit grey

Just like the weather.

We're back doing gardening to make ends meet and my hands hurt.

I'm feeling uninspired about making any images.  I feel I want to do them for myself, but can't justify taking up time or spending on materials if they wont sell.

The weather here is changeable, mostly damp and chilly.

The house in South Wales is hopefully near to selling, but even that is causing friction. Myself and The Carpenter own it..and we've been talking about selling for many years.  The Oily One moved back into it when he lost job and rental, has never fully contributed to the costs of having him there despite earning the most and spread his oily footprint over the property....he doesn't like change, but now he has to.
He loathes the Carpenter's fiancee who backs Carpenter up and stands up to  him.....families, who'd have them!


Joanne Noragon said...

It's good when someone has the backbone to face down a freeloading person (relative). I believe that's called a reality check.

Relatively Retiring said...

I'm sorry. Few things are more stress-filled than house sale, and few things generate more conflict (well, perhaps excluding parking).

Fresca said...

Everyone I know all of a sudden is in a grey family fog. (Me too.)
'Tis the season?

smartcat said...

It sounds like you are in an aaarrrgghhh!!! period of life.
I am madly digging things I want to winter over; my wrists are killing me!
Families! You love them but sometimes you want to kick them in the rear!

Michèle Hastings said...

It seems it's never easy when family is involved. I hope it all works out.