Sunday, 7 February 2016

cabin fever

Hemmed in by wind and rain.

Cluttered up by Stuff.

The "Dominos" are poised, with jobs in line,  but until one workshop gets up, nothing moves from the house. Until the wind abates, no workshop goes up.

The rainwater drainage needs cleaning so that the runoff doesn't soak the garden..back and front are like an over sodden sponge! At least the grey water drains look to be running ok.

There is another, thankfully local, cycle jumble in two weeks....The Pirate is sorting bike bits for that. If nothing sells, they will just have to go.....

At least then a small dresser and desk will leave the living room and my heavy real wood desk will migrate to its corner there. It is too heavy to carry upstairs!

The transmitter and receiver of the WiFi boiler controls don't seem to be communicating..I think we'll leave that to a heating engineer as it probably isdue for a service. Meanwhile, the on/off switch works!

Teething problems adding more un-needed stress. Which inhibits the Pirate's healing....but we are getting there slowly.

Yesterday he bought me dress and shoes to wear at an award ceremony (I won a national championship last year).
Buying goes against the grain with me...even worse,buying new!! Still, he  does have good taste!!


Relatively Retiring said...


Joanne Noragon said...

I hope your weather improves soon. And, enjoy your ceremony and award!

Zhoen said...

Waiting for the spring thaw, just know it will arrive.

Anonymous said...

We seem to have fixed our heater control WiFi interference problem by changing our computer WiFi to use a different channel. I did re-link them - I found the document on how to do it online under the Danfoss website by typing in the model number on the receiver. It wasn't hard - you press some combination of things on the thermostat and then go to the receiver on the boiler and press a button and they link up.

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

Enjoy the ceremony and enjoy wearing the new outfit :) You will settle in and it will feel like a home, like a sanctuary- we'll just all have to put up with this cantankerous weather!! But a little sunshine would go a long way :)