Sunday, 11 September 2016


We've had a weekend of helping other people..on Saturday I exchanged racing licenses for numbers...and back the Scottish National 25 mile TT championships,while the Pirate stood on a roundabout for three hours warning riders of traffic whilst wearing a hi-viz vest ( and plenty of other clothes as well!) and waving a red flag.
After we arrived home it was too good an afternoon to  stay in,so we went on a dawdle round the lanes.
Today we had a lie-in...only up at 6.30 am!! to Kilwinning this time,to marshal again. This was for the Scottish Junior Road Race champs..six laps of a gently "sporting" 10+ miles long circuit with one short and nasty hill,and plenty of other smaller ones. The Pirate's brief was just to make sure that they didn't turn off the course. It was a lovely morning and we were parked in a delightful spot just by a hedgeful of ripe blackberries...the lunchbox came in very handy!

After the presentation and a rest we returned and rode the course half their speed!! The wind had been rising since the end of the race and we're having gales tonight

 ...and found a gate...

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SmitoniusAndSonata said...

True Scottish weather , then !