Tuesday, 4 July 2017

busy busy

We've been well occupied since saying farewell to Big Pete.
Getting time on the velodrome most days,prior to the Masters National Track Championships.
The Pirate didn't score any medals this year,but is riding much better. Still underpowered after his treatment,but getting there.
I won two silver medals,in the 500m time trial and the 2 km pursuit. In the sprint semi-final my opponent went too slow as she led off in the first half lap and slid down the track,leaving me with nowhere to go. Result,quite a few bruised bits but luckily no breaks....I bounced!  However it took the edge off my speed and reactions,so I lost ..narrowly...the semi and the ride for bronze.

Never mind...the pursuit was good, equaling the time I did in the World Masters Games, so that I am pleased with.

Since then we have been enjoying life with the Carpenter and Family, gardening in their new allotment.  I've finished Woodchip's quilt as well...pictures next time....