Monday, 7 August 2017

what do we want?

A hard decision to make, when there are too many things we would like to do.

What do we really want?

If a person doesn't want one aspect of one activity, why should they drop every aspect and "throw the baby out with the bathwater" ?

Meanwhile we have had some pleasant cycle rides .

 I think they used a very battered Massey Ferguson 135 for this job, not the horse!

Then we've just had  a racing weekend spoiled by rain and cold weather...

The weather seems to be running at an average of four degrees colder than last year.
It isn't easy to stay upbeat and carry on at a time when you're usually recharging your physical and mental batteries with the summer weather..and its cold wet and grey.


Peter said...

Really beautiful photos. The one with the horses and "Constable" sky makes changeable weather almost worthwhile, although I can see from the last photo that the rain when it comes is very heavy, miserable and cold! I hope that you all do get to see the sun and enjoy some warmth!

Andrea Ingram said...

Mr Posse did say he was going to go touring wen he retired from racing - and the kettle is on !