Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Pirate tidying the garden and mowing OUR grass...makes a good change!
Sorting bags of apples and preserves and presents to give to various offspring.
Now to pack my to see family...

The bad thing about it? Lots of driving.  I'll be glad when Pirate has his cataracts sorted,but as everywhere money is short and waiting lists are long..and unfortunately you have to be worse off before being treated.

Maybe you say its your choice to live so far North.....maybe...but we are happier and far better off in many ways here in Scotland.   We also have a very good deal with our rent,so can't afford to move.
At least now, more family members are enjoying visiting us!


Catalyst said...

I should visit you. After all, I am the BRUCE! (Yes, that's my real name.)

smartcat said...


Amy said...

Sounds like you've got it all sorted there, have a good weekend.