Monday, 21 September 2009

gardening and preserving and baking

Harvesting is relentless!!

Apples, pears,elderberries and blackberries, rasberries, yet more runner beans, kohl rabi, leeks, potatoes, gherkins.......

The pumpkins are swelling nicely and the sweetcorn wont be long now.

I hate brambles!!!!

I need thornproofs and welding gloves to collect windfall pears and apples in the orchard!

Crabapple jelly has been made, and pectin stock. Crabapple wine is on its way, and more jelly planned. Vodka needs to be bought to make crabapple vodka- New Year 2011 presents!!

The sourdough bread is improving steadily batch by batch as the 'Mother' is now about a year old and I am learning every time.

All this and I have been given the frame for an 8' by 12' greenhouse!!

The weather is steadily drawing in towards autumn but we are at last having some sun.

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Anonymous said...

Phew GZ! You are so busy! Crabapple vodka sounds interesting :)

How strange to think 2011 is only a year and a bit away! Impossible!