Thursday, 24 September 2009

getting organized!!!!!

I am looking at what seeds I have- what needs ordering afresh, what haven't I got?
More "investment"!!

This afternoon I will be packing a kiln for bisque firing, as preparation for more saltglaze firing.
A pity it isn't my kiln and I have to risk packing and carrying unfired porcelain pots first.....
The kiln here is NEARLY would be so much faster and easier with a little more help at home (as would sorting the kitchen, etc!)

Looks like I am getting things done slowly without a lot of help, or it is coming from unexpected places- a relief indeed.

I am building dry brick walls on the allotment and sorting out the site for another (!) greenhouse.
The Allotments site is gradually looking cared for at last, although the committee has had to resort to a few warning letters to some plot holders.

Then there is Autumn. Then Winter.

The Vernal Equinox has just passed.

I must spend as much daylight as possible out of doors, to ease the passing of this time of year.

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