Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gentle Annie

Yesterday we helped at a local race, and turned riders at the top of "Gentle Annie"...a steady 3k climb....on the map it is where the road takes a ninety degree turn to the right.

It is a beautiful view...but I've no wish to ride further, as it means coming back UP the steeper side!!

Added today, Sunday....The Pirate decided that he needed a longer he headed out alone, back up this road.
I went out with our Hostess for a gentle two hour mountain bike ride to the beach and back, followed by coffee at the Red Lion in Whanganui (who sponsor the local cycling club as well as serving great coffee). 

Then we headed for home, but he wasn't there....three o'clock and still no Pirate.... There is a little mobile signal at the top of Gentle Annie, but apart from that, there is no signal in the valley.  So we couldn't phone him to check progress.

Our Host went looking for him in their van....and found him coming back, about 3k North of Gentle Annie.....he is ok, but on the hottest day for a couple of weeks, he got us all worried!!  He accepted the drinks top-up but insisted on completing his ride.


Now we await his arrival and his story!!


Molly said...

Pictures of mountains like this make me drool, it is so un-mountainy here in Florida! But the thought of riding a bike up that mountain makes me quake. I'll ride in the refreshment van, thank you!

Cro Magnon said...

NZ certainly has some spectacular landscape.... in my cycling days, I tended to prefer the oposite.

Andrea Ingram said...

The Pirate hasn't changed much. I remember a similar situation when The Pirate went walking with Rocky and Frank out on Tolsta head and got caught in a storm. He turned up eventually - carrying Rocky!

gz said...

I knew he was going for a long ride....just not THAT long!!!!