Tuesday, 26 March 2013

passion fruit?

I think these are edible.....any comments?


smartcat said...

I grow passion flower vines which I winter over in the house. It never occurred to me that fruit and flower are one and the same. Hmmmm.

I've enjoyed your travels around New Zealand. Are you missing clay yet?

gz said...

smartcat there are many varieties of Passion fruit. I think that this is the easiest to grow- I've never seen it growing wild before!
The most common around here is a weed, Banana (because of the fruit colour and shape)passion fruit. You're supposed to grub it out whenever you see it-it does strangle whatever it grows over, but is quite tasty with beautiful flowers too.

kjsutcliffe - artist said...

We used to eat passion fruit in South Africa, using a spoon as if eating a soft boiled egg. They can be sharp and delish at the same time, I knew them as granadilla then and we had the purple skinned ones growing in the garden. My mum would puree the fruit to pour over vanilla ice cream - now that was really yum yum yum!

WOL said...

Passiflora incarnata grows all over the southeastern US, as far north as Pennsylvania. We call the fruit "maypops." My late uncle had a small cannery in south Texas near Houston and made jelly from their fruit, which was quite tasty.
Yours looks to be Passiflora ligularis, which also grows in Australia, and is also called "sweet granadilla." The fruit is sometimes called "passionfruit." If this is what you've got, they're like pomegranates in that their seeds have a jelly-like coating, which is the only edible part. However, it's said to be sweet tasting.