Sunday, 28 April 2013

ready to go..

The car is, as The Pirate says, "cubed"....only room for me and two bags and a computer left in it!! 
It didn't take long to pack, after The Oily One had fitted the new heater matrix. That was the long job, loads of fiddling and cussing to get the dashboard off and back on and disconnecting and reconnecting things. Unfortunately I now  need a speedo cable...but at least I can judge the speed by the engine revs.
 The weather stayed dry all day until it was time to pack, of course, but at least it is only fine rain.

One problem....we've got the Leach kickwheel in, and clay and tools...but so far I cannot find the wheelhead!!     Something to hunt for tomorrow after breakfast.
If it doesn't turn up it should be easy enough to get another. 

I've sorted and tidied and cleared- two more boxes of rubbish pots and two bags are waiting to be disposed of.  Yet there still seems to be far too much left!!   I've no doubt that I'll "weed" this lot further when I get home and we'll be back in June for another go.

Now after supper and a glass of crab apple vodka...takes two years to make but its worth it...its time to ask The Carpenter to shift the pictures et cetera from the old laptop, then to here.


Joanne Noragon said...

Wow. You are working harder than you ever did bicycling up a hill. Good luck, and I hope you're home and settled soon.

Zhoen said...

Usually, every move was a huge lopping off, got rid of crap wholesale. The move into the house was different, no idea what might prove useful,bring it along, sort and toss later.

Having a neighborhood clean-up, even if only once a year, was a godsend. Put it out on the curb, and the city will take whatever the amateur recyclers leave. Beautiful.

Cro Magnon said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it.

gz said...

Zhoen, wish we had that here. Leave something on the kerb and you'll get fined for littering. Go to the recycling centre and once through their gates, anything taken out of a vehicle is their thought of re-use if you see something you need. It all has to go in the skips

red dirt girl said...

travelin' mercies, gz !!