Monday, 1 April 2013

workshop visits

Three workshop visits stood out for us on our walk last Sunday.
The first was to Ross Mitchell-Anyon's pottery. He was the potter who worked with local people to create the handprints monument/artwork, by the Serjeant Gallery in Whanganui.
Although I'd be concerned, living and working right on the riverbank, apparently the water has only ever been up as far as the windowsills of the workshop, once!
                                                           jetty with tinny.

It was good to see yet another different woodfired kiln, getting inspiration for when I have a place to build my own.   This one has two fireboxes at one end, followed by two chambers then a chimney with a small firebox at the base for pre-warming to create a through draught.

Back to the Left Bank in town off Taupo Quay, we visited Louise Herdman, Mosaic Artist and tutor....notice by the entrance "keep your shoes on!" (unlike usual Kiwi practice). 
Beautiful work, and sharing an area in this lovely old building with a restorer of old sewing machines, mainly Singer. He took them in exchange for selling new machines, then got them working again and the collection includes some of the oldest made.
She is one of those working in the old Whanganui Chronicle building.
Our next visit was to the Chronicle Glass Studio situated in the old press room in the white building in the centre, just before the modern college (UCOL) building.
Two glassworkers work from here (at least) and others are in the mezzanine gallery.
They also run courses-I was very tempted to make my own paperweight-but I'm reducing weight to pack so I couldn't!!

Then we walked back over the city bridge and up Georgetti Road to Bricksticks.

We'd been intrigued by the name since we came we understood! 
It is a fantastic space, and for the weekends the kiln spaces were filled with other craftworkers and artists from out of the city.
We checked it out on google earth when we reached home. We knew it was big!! It is just surprising how close to the surrounding houses it is situated.