Saturday, 23 August 2014

A day at the seaside

Today we went to Maidens Harbour Gala Day.

Our friend Rosie sold some flowering shrubs and plants, and fifty pots of home made jam and marmalade!!

I sold three small mugs and seven small herb plants......ho hum!!

Being beside the sea we had icecreams and the Pirate treated himself to a barbecued mackerel caught this morning half a mile away!!

The Pirate was great moral support to both of us- and it was he who sold the mugs!!
However he is feeling low- the combination of hormone therapy and yet more antibiotics is not conducent to feeling good in oneself.

He has even admitted to feeling officially old. Very unlike him.  He needs to ride his bike every day to feel good about himself, and we've just had two bike free days.....hopefully tomorrow's ride should sort that.
There is reiki therapy booked for next week for him, which we know has helped him over the past years.  I think I might just need it too.

Our funny peculiar weather is no help.  Autumnal weather in August, chilly nights and all!   Fruit has been ripening earlier than usual over the past couple of months, yet the sugar levels in the fruit seem low when you make preserves.


Relatively Retiring said...

Low sugar levels in the fruit seem indicative of many other problems.
Sometimes I feel like stopping all my so-called essential drugs and seeing what happens.

Lois said...

Hope the ride sorts him out, chilly August here in Ontario Canada too.