Friday, 29 August 2014


Many thanks to Elaine of Bramble Rambles for her kind blogpost....I needed incentive, with everything that has been going on lately.

We're getting ready for some important pre-Masters World Track Championships racing and training, and it isn't long before we head to the Manchester Velodrome for the big event.

We've got all our regular lawns and hedges up to date luckily before today's twelve hours (and counting!) of rain.
Today we've been confined to barracks by the least the housework mountain has been reduced!

I'll be putting more in my etsy shop as soon as I can..and updating my website..high time!!
  I've been reviewing some of the black&white work by pegging it up on the wall above my computer....

We are making more enquiries about somewhere to move the workshop contents to ,up here...hopefully we've found the right person to talk to this time.
I'm getting much from using my new camera and making cards from my own images, photo or drawn. However I've come to the conclusion that I'm really more a 3D person.
So much to be done..

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