Sunday, 14 September 2014

Trip to Alkmaar

 ferry from Newcastle...well, Port of Tyne.....and a lovely sunset....
 then sleep(?!!) on the overnight ferry to Ijmuiden (akaAmsterdam, on the tickets!)
 half an hour's drive across Noord Holland, 10k past Alkmaar to Schoorl, where we stayed on a holiday bungalow site for a week.
 while we trained every day on the track, then raced on the last weekend.
 and saw plenty windmills and wind turbines
 and huge allotment garden sites around Alkmar
 and bikes for hire...
 sign for a pottery workshop, mainly for handicapped people in Schoorl...but others can use it too.
 by the main road and canal, houses with tile and reed thatch
 and bikes everywhere!!
 the velodrome at Alkmaar Sportpalais
 himself (on my bike as we had to bike share!) he did well in his races...not fast, but feeling better and it does him good mentally to be back on his bike
 after the racing, we still go in circles!  and we had supper together too...good Dutch food and hospitality.
 Then a day off...walking around Alkmaar. Our friends chose the boat trip..
 and we chose to walk...saw the building with the cheese museum which was the main cheese mart and import/export building by the quay.
 and a walk around the old town.  We know where we'll be returning to!
 of course we bought cheese...and good honey!
 back to the velodrome to collect our bikes from the stores
 and pack the car.........
 and on to the ferry again
 but not before frites and mayo!!
 and the smaller Dutch tall ship came into Ijmuiden as we waited to leave the harbour
 our last sight of the Nederlands...for now!
 and the sun set in a cloudy sky...
 time for supper, and bed....and a better night's sleep on deck 11 on the way back....deck 2 was rather noisy and hot on the way out!!
back to Scotland for a mountain of washing and gardening catch-up....


Michèle Hastings said...

a cheese museum! i would be in heaven.

Sandy miller said...

You have been busy! I had a good catch up reading your where abouts.
Amsterdam......a place I could call home. Always feels very comfortable the market too!

Cro Magnon said...

So much to see and do in the world. I would never have thought of Holland as a holiday destination, but it looks good. Did you come back with any medals?

Andrea Ingram said...

Well, that does look like you had a fine trip!

gz said...

Cro, the European Masters Champs were cancelled due to low entries and other the local cyclists organized the training and races for those who had already paid to travel and stay...a good dress rehearsal for the Worlds. So no medals but good riding and good company

Anonymous said...

sounds a good trip :)