Monday, 15 September 2014


Today's job has been finishing mending an old 1920s shed..part one was making a gulley at the foot along the brick base to take away rainwater runoff.
 Then stripping off the dubious looking weatherboard, revealing a bigger job than was hoped.  
Uprights had to be fitted in using shelf brackets !

We tried to source new timber, but 5 metre boards are special order only...and would have been nearly £50 for five,plus delivery.

"New" boarding came from a "retired" shed, and all the work had to be done with can imagine what wielding a hammer near a half rotten shed would have done!

Now it is weatherproof, doesn't lean when you put a hand against it and the end wall no longer moves in the breeze. 

Our next job in a month's time is to fix guttering to the shed.

I think our job will cost much less than the £2,000 quotes that the owner received from others but we can understand just why no-one else wanted the job!
Hopefully we'll get paid soon!!


Zhoen said...

One job leads to another. Then another.

Jenny Woolf said...

Things made of recycling are often nicer than new things. More trouble though.