Friday, 5 December 2014

getting mucky!

Last weekend we headed off to near Dunbar to help friends who were riding a cyclocross race. We manned the pits for five riders, cleaning muddy grassy bikes as they changed bikes every lap or so. If you allow mud and grass to build up too much the rear gear mechanism can explode with the clogging, or sieze and end up wrapped around the sprockets at the back.
We stayed overnight at a friend's hose in the Kingdom of Fife, before heading up the road to th Dunfermline Golf club....
my club, Sandy  Wallace Cycle Racing Team were meeting for a ride, followed by dinner.
We went with the slower group, along to Kincardine then retraced at our own pace! The Pirate is riding well, but an hour and a half out on the bike is plenty.

Having showered we all went up the spiral stone staircase to the wooden panelled dining room...all painted and carved. Must look into the history of this fascinating building!

In our club we have three Masters World Track Champions from this one other from 2010..our sponsor presented us with a bottle of Moet et Chandon champagne each!! Now to find a suitable occasion......

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