Thursday, 25 December 2014


I now have my laptop and printers back!

We had Christmas lunch at the local pub...not cheap,but no cooking and no washing up for either of us!! So a nice walk down, a relaxed meal and a longer walk home arriving just before the latest rain shower!

I've been going through emails this afternoon, deleting rubbish and sorting the good stuff! Would you believe I had 85 emails waiting in my website inbox....and 84 were spam!!
I've been work today!!  So I'm planning pot and card photography and postage and packing pricing...then I can hit the ground running again!!

This year's cards were linocut and  handprinted..and I'm definitely going to carry on with that.  I enjoyed it 40 years ago and it is still fun now.

Here is the Elf (Santa Baby?!!) who was the prototype...before the IT problems...

Now to choose the next image for a linocut.  It is too easy to get big ideas and try too complicated images too I must ease back into it and keep it reasonably simple.

We're here eating special treat stroopwaffel, dark chocolate, plums and homemade flapjacks in front of the fire.

Hot water bottles are in order as the temperature is dropping ready for tomorrow's possible snow or freeze.

Work tomorrow!!


Cro Magnon said...

We use an electric blanket. It's turned on about half an hour before retiring, and it's pure LUXURY.

I hear you may be having snow; good luck.

smartcat said...

What a lovely low key way to spend the day.
Happy New Year!

Zhoen said...

It's a wonderful thing, now and again, to be served food. No grocery shopping, no cooking, no cleaning up after - marvelous.

Peter said...

Happy Christmas and New Year. I love the linocut card. Funny how easy it is to forget the simple things and how much fun they can be! I did potato prints one Christmas time (nearly 2 decades ago) and really enjoyed that. I must have another go!