Tuesday, 24 November 2015

cyclo cross

 This shows exactly why I don't do cyclo cross...but I don't mind helping, and we occasionally help with bike changes and bike washing in the pits..(like motor racing only different!)
 We were at Lochore Meadows near Lochgelly in the Kingdom of Fife on Sunday
 obstacles, mud, wiggly bits,bumpy bits....
 all ages from fast 50+...Brendan doing well there.....yes, they are all behind you!
and all sizes....even under 8 yrs..just as enthusiastic!


Jenny Woolf said...

Getting all muddy and out of breath has to be part of the fun. I do love cycling off road and in woodlands (though draw the line at ploughing through mud, sand and water but prefer it in the context of cycle touring not racing.

Sara said...

That looks like fun! And pretty cold for the spectators! xx

smartcat said...