Saturday, 14 January 2017

archaeological walk

 Clouds moving in as we went for a lunchtime walk
 looking back towards our half of Drongan...home is just out of shot,top left,on the edge of the village.

 We walked round past the Mill o'Shield, now derelict as it was bought and left empty fairly recently.  This looks like a long standing 'temporary' bridge where flooding swept the previous one away sometime in the past 30 years or so!
 we explored what looked like a footpath
 and just round a bend in the river where the mill itself might have been...

 leads or leats
 overflow from that
 the river sometimes covers here...
 now its there..
 and that lead comes from that overflow/fish ladder...
 first this year...

and so to bed.

The last batch of washing done,hopefully, the last of the stored apples chopped and frozen ready for use.
A heap of clothes be strongly weeded....and a bike packed.

Next week I learn online banking...yes, I know it may be easy, but it is new,it is different and I feel uncomfortable with it.

Life would be easier if we hadn't picked up a cough and cold..not what you need on a long haul flight..and The Pirate is feeling very negative because of it,and because money will be tight.  Travel insurance cost just under £800...almost as much as a ticket.  the car had to be mended to keep it safe...there went the budget for seeing friends in Tasmania.

However we know we'll arrive to a welcome the best we'll get anywhere. We'll be with friends,old and new.


Joanne Noragon said...

Safe journey, and safe home. Enjoy.

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

It will all be worth it when you are there, breathe deeply, be strong and look forward to New Zealand x

Zhoen said...

Feel better, soon.

Dylan does our online banking. I am lost with it. But I'm sure you can do it.

Barbara Rogers said...

Have a wonderful trip! May the joy shared outweigh the costs to body and pocketbook!

Jenny Woolf said...

Travel insurance is a shocker, isn't it? It is worth going, though.