Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Preparations and visitations

The Wizzard Geek and his Rose are visiting, and it is good to see them.
He helped us move almost a year ago, but she hasn't seen our 'new' home as she had to be elsewhere at the time.

They have been mountain biking near Peebles for four days, now near Newton Stewart for a day and somewhere on the way home tomorrow.  Great fun for them.

Preparations go on steadily for our NZ travels.  A certain amount has to be done online and I don't like it...I'm really a pen and paper person.  I just about manage phoning, but online entries and bookings phase me.

I'm sewing Woodchip's cot quilt whenever I sit down...that should at least have the construction done before we go, if not the quilting.  It calms my frazzled nerves if nothing else!

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Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

It is lovely (but hard work) making plans for a holiday - but once there, so worth the effort :)