Thursday, 16 March 2017

Renwick Ride

Today we headed for Renwick, further up the Wairau River valley ,about 10 k or more from Blenheim.
A couple more small presents sourced, coffee drunk and on our way to Renwick we had to go through the middle. Our chosen route was blocked by a large lorry on its side on a corner..guarded by a few police cars and with a crane preparing to lift it.
The diversion was fortunate..we saw a Morris Commercial van and Renwick Museum..small but very interesting.
Then we headed for Brancott Road, past the Heritage Centre of one of the largest wine producers in Marlborough. It is yet another dead end road with to branching dead ends..the Pirate is training up hills...I just go as far as I want, take photos and listen to the sounds of the countryside.


Joanne Noragon said...

Beautiful weather, and a couple of mystery messages, there.

Susan Heather said...

A lovely part of the country. Looks like the weather has improved for you.