Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A day indoors! (mostly)

The snow started lightly at the time that the Yellow Warning for ice and snow started.
 We were on our way to an indoor turbo training session at Prestwick Yacht Club - it has members who are also members of a local cycle club who organize the sessions.
A good session,led by the Pirate on the whistle based on a programme that his late coach Malcolm Firth gave him.

Then a quick visit to Sainsbugs to the reduced departments...one quick basketful later we emerged to the air full of slush!!  A short wait in the foyer for a break in proceedings followed by slopping across to the car!   The thought of calling past As-mart was quickly cancelled as was going via the bypass! 
Home straight through Ayr..and it was interesting to see how what was falling changed to rain, then back to sleet as we headed out of town.

This was the view this morning...we'll go out for a walk in a minute between snow showers, taking the camera. Fresh air and real light is obligatory every day unless its really raining, snowing or blowing hard.
If we do need to leave the village we'll go by bus.

After lunch I'll be back printing on the new paper with the new block...can't wait!!


Michèle Hastings said...

We will be getting another dusting of snow tomorrow... at least that is what is predicted. It's only mid-January and I am already weary of winter.

Joanne Noragon said...

Depressing weather!