Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Afternoon escape

We deserted the housework and shed sorting and headed South!!

There are still patches of ice around, even on the main roads. Better judgement won and we stayed on the main road as far as we could. The weather wasn't too bad, a little drizzly and misty, and as we went further south, warmer...even a degree or so when you start at just over freezing point, counts!

The first stop was The Gallery at Lauriston to talk to Phil Mcmenemy
A fantastic photographer and artist..and fellow veggie to boot.
I took my prints there for his opinion....and it is good...relief!!  He had some good observations and relevant advice...and if I develop my work a bit further,I could be in with a chance for the next Winter mixed exhibition. Gives me time and confidence to work in directions I'd already thought about.

Late lunch at the Harbour Lights in Kirkcubright.  No paper supplies as the print studio I'd planned to buy them from was closed.
Onwards in the dusk to Castle Douglas, a visit to a print shop wasn't fruitful...far too glossy for linoprinting. Down the road to another Emporium..Gem..a place packed with all sorts of art and craft goodies!
I was very lucky...a parcel had just arrived from Italy...paper made from 50% cotton..made for hand printing...not the usual A sizes, I'll get five A4 sheets and quite a few smaller sheets from each one..not bad at £1.25 a sheet..but I musn't waste any of this lovely stuff!

Castle Douglas is a lovely friendly small town. I love to browse around the small shops..and there are no huge supermarkets sucking the life out of the town. Just a couple of smaller ones...and one of those is the Co-op!

No time for browsing, we turned for home and nearly sixty miles to drive in the dark.

Now to get printing...bigger...and smaller!!


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I'm excited to hear about (and see) your artwork growing!

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