Tuesday, 24 April 2018

On sale...at last!

One listed, now the wording has been sorted, the rest shouldn't take too long


Fresca said...

I don't see the pack of five yet---I'll wait for that.

Say, I think you've undercharged for these.
In US dollars, each one is only $3.62!
It's your choice, of course--you've researched the market, no doubt, but that's less than any nice commercial card here (they start at $3.99, and last year I paid $8 for a big commercial card with sparkles and doo-dads on it). And these are hand-printed!

(*You don't need to post this comment*---I feel like I'm being pushy--just wanted to make that suggestion, these could be at least $5, or more!)

gz said...

I see what you mean,Fresca. Its difficult to judge,and hard to get the ball rolling as they say. Possibly I'll charge more for a larger image on a card as that is more carving work on the lino.
I should charge more, but.....

Fresca said...

I know--it is hard. It's like your pottery friend who wrote the piece about why mugs cost $45... Yes, they're worth it (or more, if you take into account ALL the labor!), but will people pay it?

The main thing is, these are beautiful and I'm looking forward to ordering a set.
Thanks for making them!