Sunday, 15 April 2018

while watching the ceremony.....

The Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games was both moving and entertaining in turn.
I've been glued to the laptop, watching different sports..or listening out for what I wanted to watch while being busy on other tabs!!
Before the Ceremony I got a sheets and towels wash through, and they dried beautifully in the sun and brisk breeze.

At intervals I added cards to the Etsy shop.

Luckily the dry washing came in before the Ceremony started, already dry,for as soon as it finished, down came the rain!
The house is clean and tidy (ish!) for The Oily One and a workmate should be here for a couple of nights this week.

Things can be too tidy..there is a small bag of mini pegs for hanging cards, somewhere....I've rigged up lines of thin twine on a wall to peg up the latest big prints to dry out of the way. It has been taking weeks, despite having been well blotted. Pegging it up will mean less chance of smudges, and more room in the house as they lie on a pasting table in the living room.

Can I find those pegs?

Here is the print..Old Hedge, Storm Brewing, Girvan Valley


Joanne Noragon said...


kjsutcliffe artist said...

We've enjoyed watching too, and like after the olympics, are now saddened that it has concluded.

Susan Heather said...

It is always good when one gets dry washing in "just in time"