Monday, 28 May 2018

Spring Fling

Lunch with friends in Castle Douglas, rode our bikes to see Hannah and Doug Fitch and family and their pots,and other artists at their location in Spring Fling.  Then onto Kircudbright for more art.
A total of twenty windy,enjoyable miles.

Then more by car today,catching up with friends in Barnbarroch pottery, and a few things in Dumfries.

It has been hot this weekend, in the mid 20s Centigrade, but also windy.  It has made for tiring riding and driving.

Back home again and there is too much to do...everything is still disorganized after wedding and friends and family staying.

There is SO much needing to be,garden,gardening for other people, riding our bikes and thinking of entering events in a months time...and I haven't done any work of my own yet, let alone started to mend the kiln.

I think we're doing too much, yet its difficult to pull back on anything. At least we are trying to limit our garden work to those we enjoy doing and pay well.
But it is still taking time....


Susan Heather said...

I know the feeling. I had my day planned (and the list of "to do's" is always longer than the day) when 8 bundles of plants I ordered arrived - I wasn't expecting them until tomorrow but had better get them in the ground and although the sun is shining the breeze feels quite icy - must be the snow further south.

Avus said...

That's the trouble with holidays. You need another one when you get back!

PotterMiller said...

Great post! Good luck limiting your garden work :)

Frex said...

Too busy... but you both look happy! :)