Monday, 10 September 2018

and on...

I haven't taken many photos on this trip..and when I did I found that I hadn't brought the right lead to get them on here.

The tour has continued, to Yeovil for one short night...too short...but we'll return.
The road to Bristol led through Street. There we found a very interesting cider barn thanks to the potter I caught up with.
It was a worthwhile visit.
Much kiln advice, perry bought and his verdict on the Pirate ? "He's a good 'un"

On to Bristol for a couple of days of dog walking with more family, on to Warwickshire for yet more.
At least today we've had a gentle ride around the lanes between Henley in Arden and Alcester,before tomorrow's journey back to Scotland.


Catalyst said...

You take the high road and I'll take the low road and . . . oh, well, you've probably heard that one before.

Avus said...

I like Somerset. Did you go to Glastonbury and climb the hill to the church?

Susan Heather said...


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Jenny Woolf said...

Sounds nice. And I hope you were successful with the damsons too. Have you tried damson wine?