Thursday, 15 January 2009

"another day..."

Today is still warmer than it should be and raining too.

Today I go out to hunt for a willing.
The simple jobs say "why come here, you're over qualified, you'd be taking away a chance from
someone with no papers"
The others say "you can't come here, you are not qualified to do this"
You have to keep trying, keep hoping, wait for the reply that never comes.

The Carpenter has a job, thankfully, often the hours are too long. The Oily One has employ
when they want him...just not enough of the time. The Geek Wizzard needs a proper job very soon
...and now graduates can't get jobs either.The system does not know what it wants or needs and
in the process chews people up and spits out the bits. Not just those trying to learn but those
trying to implement its ever changing demands.

Then Mountain Man just carries on. Nature directs his work whilst throwing the elements at him. She rewards him with wonders and beauties. The foxes and dogs and other predators along with hard weather take her "rent" from his stock.
His is a hard and simple life , making ends meet is not easy, but he is rewarded much more than
many who think only of money.

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Annie said...

gz that last paragraph is very powerful so true, beautifully written.I think those words will stay in my mind forever now.