Monday, 5 January 2009

still no kitchen...

Why do cars take priority?! Certainly over kitchens anyway.
Today the Oily one had an interview for a job as a bean counter. I suppose with so many shops
living near the edge of solvency, there will be more of these needed to keep an eye on stock levels.
In town people are still buying 50% reduced tat, because it is reduced - not because they need it.
The shops have an air of desperation, the banks still pushing credit, as if anyone with sense would
spend what they haven't got on what they don't need.

Yesterday Mountain Man said there was two inches of dry powdery snow on top. We had more today, but the only trace in the valley was sitting on the ice in the canal. The roads are all clear, but after today's sun it will be cold tonight.

still hoping for a finished kitchen....

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