Wednesday, 7 January 2009

even colder

even colder last night, but no snow down here. I suppose were were paying for yesterday's sun!
Mountain Man was up there, working in a T shirt on the southfacing top of the ridge. Hardly any distance away where the other side of the ridge gently slopes north is 2 inches of dry snow!
I walked to the bank today, 3 miles mainly by the frozen canal. The ice is about 2 inches thick.
We have had a few clouds today, but now it is past 3 o clock the temperature is dropping again.

We have screws, we have wood... now the kitchen is waiting for a lent saw to be returned!

Now it looks as if I will have to go to the New Town AGAIN for one last bit of kiln flue.

I just need to find the first domino in the run and give it a nudge...and see them all fall into place.

I know I am getting there...but it is frustrating waiting on other people when I have got projects as far as I can myself.

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