Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day Out

The weather was good, the housework done, so Mountain Man and myself went to the first Pony and Horse sale in Talgarth Market for between thirty and forty years.

Many were there just to see how it went. Others catching up on old friends.

Some ponies were being sold for" pocket money" prices, nothing compared to the cost of transport, entering into the sale, passports and microchips.....

Quite a few did not reach a decent price and were withdrawn.

However it looks as if this is back on the calendar, so there are hopes for better deals next time, and an upturn in the market.

The car, having had a general service and a brake service decided to pop a small clip, leaving us with half throttle a mile from Talgarth.....

It was mended with the Farmer's Friend....six inches of binder twine!! It did the job and got us home well

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