Saturday, 14 November 2009


We managed to nearly half pack the kiln on Friday, but failing light and increasing rain put paid to any further progress.

I travelled home as the light faded and the rain increased, and turned to go over the NorthEast end of the mountain to avoid the traffic. There by the sheepfold was the grey mare and her grey daughter and granddaughter...they looked well, if very wet!
So where are the other twenty three!!

We should have finished kiln packing today, but the weather has ruled that out.
Gales and heavy rain have kept us at home.

The bowls I threw on monday had dried well, so turned and cut beautifully.
It is not too late to rewrap one and make it into a colander....

I could do with a working kiln to keep the workshop warm and dry!!

More rain and gales tonight. I hope everything is still in the garden!!


Mouse said...

oh dear, where ARE the ponies?
I shall worry now
I am very fond of ponies and still hope that one day Santa will bring me one of my very own

Anonymous said...

Hi gz, did you survive the storms? All settled down here now.