Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Yet more wind and rain, but at least today the washing got half-dry on the line between showers!

Mountain Man still has a cold and a runny nose, but as he has to keep going out in the cold and wet, it will take longer to get him well again.

My mobile phone deal means that I pay nothing for calls to him...talking is better than nothing.
It is no substitute for a hug, or a walk together.

Today I tidied even more!! Now I have a bagful of papers to recycle, a tidy stamps box for making impressions on pots and a lot more waiting to be fettled and fired.

We still don't know where the ponies are. They will be sheltering in the edge of the forestry where they can keep out of the wind and find forage. This makes them even more difficult to see!!


Mouse said...

oh no, still no sign of the ponies!
If I find one do I get to keep it?
I am on my way!

Mouse said...

did you make the pot on the right?
If so I am deeply impressed!

gz said...

yes, we have found most of the ponies, and those not found are a family group so are probably together.
yes, that pot is one of mine!