Sunday, 18 July 2010

Brecon Market

Yesterday was the last time for me at Brecon Craftmakers' Market, unless I do a special occasion event there.

Not many makers did well, and we are into the holiday season. All that most of the visitors did was mooch around, and fewer than usual talked, so it was a long day.
It seemed that it was the day for Pensioners' bus trips to Brecon!

I covered fuel, stall rent, lunch and a few good tools from Roy on the tool stand.
A massive bargain and interesting to learn that six years ago he was on the same stall as I now have in Hay on Wye on Thursdays!

Ironing, baking and tidying done, so my conscience has been salved and I can go make pots!


Zhoen said...


soubriquet said...

Sad to hear it. You make some really great pots, and it's disappointing to go so far for so little.

I remember long afternoons at markets and trade fairs, trying not to look either too bored or too eager...
Trying to turn the goodwill from throwing demonstrations into sales.

Bloody usesless penny-pinching grockles.

Friko said...

and I hope you make pots of money too.

Pensioners' day at Brecon, eh? Well, they already have all 'the stuff' they could possibly want.
Are you in the craft shop by the car park in Hay?

Greetings from Shropshire!
I am about due for a Hay visit.

gz said...

Greetings Friko! I am in the Butter Market every Thursday. 8.15 ish to 2.30 ish!