Friday, 30 July 2010


These were handled after a few days waiting
favourite tools!

packed and waiting, hope to biscuit this weekend
top board thrown last night, almost ready to handle, various cream jugs on the bottom board started just before lunch and tall mugs in the middle finished by teatime.
Sometimes I wish I threw faster. However apart from bowls and platters, I don't turn. All I have to do to these is handle, and also slip a few (for an order). So I suppose, "swings and roundabouts"....


Zhoen said...

I loved turning.

Those plates are "ooh!" worthy. Indeed, my dear one looked over my shoulder and went, "Ooh!"

ladyofclay said...

Well, you've been busy !
Looks like some nice forms there. I hope you'll post the glaze pics.
Your ware board stand look like something I need... maybe I can broach the subject with my farmer once the snow flies here.