Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Still busy

I haven't been in my workshop since the 27th.... I'm missing deadlines right, left and centre....

perhaps I just need to build up more and be prepared. I have SO many ideas boiling in my head I just want to get on and make.

Losing two days a week to sheep making is ok, it is bringing in money while it lasts. However the commuting stresses me and costs time and money I can ill afford.
If I had the capital I'd buy the business (I was offered it three years ago) .
Plan A do the lottery
Plan B go to work in the morning!

Having the Geek back for a bit has its good points, but the house was too full before.
Now it is doing my head in. He is helping, so no complaints!


Zhoen said...

Hard times for everyone. Plan B works best for most of us.

Marie said...

oh my, you must really need a workshop day --- get those hands dirty !!! and yes, there is only 24 hours in any given day --- so many projects so little'll happen ....

gz said...

plan B it is!!

Market went well today, should be a good one this Saturday