Friday, 20 August 2010

Another firing

Firings fast and furious!

I found that if you light the kiln at it like a hawk, checking every 15 minutes (mostly) can reach cone 10 softening and soak and be turning off at 11am....

Then crack open the door just before 10pm......

then it will be 36 decrees C at 6am!!!!

Unpack onto wareboards, then pack into bubblewrap and box up, before leaving for market just after 7am!!

I must admit I packed breakfast and eat it after I'd set up and priced the new pots!!

The zinger of a dark blue glaze fired very well, and sales were good too.

The rain arrived just after we had all packed up which meant that sales were good this week.

Then off to Brecon to deliver MORE sheep to Beacons Crafts co-operative and another twenty miles to Abergavenny.

I had a peaceful half hour there battwashing shelves ready for the next Saltglaze firing in September before braving another twenty miles of rain and traffic

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