Saturday, 14 August 2010

kilnfiring and potselling

I am learning how to fire the kiln evenly at last! Two bisques have been done, now tomorrow I have to get my sheep head quota made then set to glazing a kiln ful of pots- firing Monday I hope.

I'm slowly building up stock for sales before christmas and a couple of exhibitions. Meanwhile sales have slowed down due to the chilly August weather and the chilly financial times.
I need to break into the "right" gallery somewhere....everyone says how they like my pots, and that they are well made.....
Other sales are picking up slowly, but everything is painfully slow.

It isn't easy to concentrate when one's own financial situation is a bit shaky. The sheep making job can't last much longer, and there is no other square hole this square peg could fit in a couple of days a week!

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Zhoen said...

Sheeps is good. Courage.

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